Fine dining:Enjoy fine dining in a restaurant designed after a traditional Ainu dwelling

The traditional dwellings of the Ainu people, or chise, were known to offer a comfortable living environment for the inhabitants no matter the season.
Restaurant Repun was designed with this concept in mind and provides guests with a seasonally-unique fine dining opportunities.
The restaurant features a teppanyaki style where dishes are prepared by the master chef atop a grill right in front of the guests’eyes.
These exclusive dishes are artistically crafted from locally raised Shiraoi-gyu beef as well as fresh local seasonal produce and seafood, and are sure to please any food aficionado.
The delicious cuisine, entertaining cooking format and interaction with the chef are sure to be one of many highlights of a stay at Hotel Pirika Rera.

Restaurant Repun

Dinner and breakfast are served at Restaurant Repun, which offers meals in a relaxing setting inspired by the comforts of a traditional Ainu dwelling.


Dinner 18:00~22:00
Breakfast 7:30~10:00
Restaurant Repun


Restaurant Repun features a teppanyaki style where guests can interact with the chef while enjoying their meal.

Shiraoi-gyuTeppanyaki style


Restaurant Repun’s menu varies with the season.
Guests will be treated to a collection of unique seasonal dishes handcrafted using fresh local ingredients from Shiraoi and the surrounding region.

Fine dining