Hot springs:Experience the moor hot springs - designated a heritage of Hokkaido

The hotel's moor hot springs are sourced from a spring consisting of ancient vegetation found 1,345 meters underground.
Gentle to the touch, as well as smooth and moisturizing, the hotel's hot springs not only sooth your exterior, but they can also be drunken to rejuvenate the inside of your body.
We invite you to indulge your body in the soothing waters of the hotel's moor hot springs.

About the hotel's hot springs

Name Pirika no Yu
Spring Quality Sodium─Chloride Spring / Hydrogen Carbonate Spring (Alkaline Hypotonic High Temperature Hot Spring (former spring quality name: Bicarbonated Salt Spring)
Spring temperature: approximately 45℃
Health Benefits 【Indications】
Neuralgia, muscle pain, joint inflammation, stiff shoulders, motor paralysis, joint stiffness, bruises, sprains, fatigue, chronic digestive diseases, hemorrhoid, poor circulation, recovery stage after an illness, health promotion, physically weak children, chronic skin diseases, chronic gynecological diseases, cuts and burns
【Oral Consumption】
Chronic digestive diseases, chronic constipation, diabetes, gout, and liver disease
Guests with chronic illnesses (especially those accompanied by a fever), active tuberculosis, malignant tumors, serious heart conditions, respiratory failure, kidney failure, illnesses with bleeding, serious anemia, and other general pre-existing diseases, as well as expectant mothers (especially in the first and last trimesters) should not bathe in the hotel's hot springs.
【Oral Consumption】
Do not drink if you have kidney disease, high blood pressure or conditions with swelling.
Drinkable The hotel's moor hot springs are also drinkable.
Guests will find hot spring mineral water available in the lobby.
Guests should only consume between 100 and 200ml of hot springs water each time, and adults should consume no more than 360ml per day.

Enjoying the moor hot springs

Each guestroom features a private hot spring bath

Each of the hotel's guestrooms features its very own hot spring bath fed by the hotel's moor hot springs that are sourced from a spring found 1,345 meters underground.
Guests can soak in 100% all natural moor hot spring waters in the privacy of their own room at their leisure 24 hours a day during their stay.

Drinkable hot spring water - Hakuto-sui

Hakuto-sui is an all natural bottled mineral water made by filtering and purifying the hotel's moor hot spring waters.
This particular mineral water is quickly absorbed by the body because of its slightly alkaline water quality. The taste of the mineral water is quite smooth and it can also be used in cooking.
Hokkaido-grown rice served at breakfast is cooked using Hakuto-sui.
We invite you to try the delectable taste of this rice that draws out a unique and subtle sweetness like no other.

Hot springHakuto-sui