Privacy Policy

Pirika Rera Hotel Privacy Policy (March 1st 2012)

(1) Pirika Rera Hotel (henceforth “The Company”) shall handle customers’ personal information in accordance with laws and regulations.
(2) We shall use customers’ personal information (such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, workplaces, nationality and passport number for foreign nationals who do not hold an address in Japan, requests for services such as meals) for the following purposes
  1. Provision of services such as accommodation or meals
  2. Guidance pertaining to service provision, such as confirmation of reservations
  3. Improvement of The Company’s services
  4. Provision of information such as future accommodation plans and products
  5. Any purposes ordained by law or regulation
Furthermore, regarding point 4, The Company shall only send information upon receiving the customers’ consent.
(3) The Company shall not provide customers’ personal information to third parties, except in the following cases.
  1. In case a customer requests reservations to be made at other tourism facilities
  2. In case a travel agency used by a customer requires information
  3. In case of an emergency such as illness or treatment of injury, when it is difficult to receive a customer’s consent
  4. In case part of The Company’s services are consigned to a partner company
  5. In case the information is requested according to law or regulation
(4) The Company shall practice necessary safety measures in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law and any relevant laws or regulations.
  1. The Company shall carefully manage customers’ personal information to avoid its misuse, in accordance with appropriate storage and usage methods.
  2. The Company shall require its employees to learn the relevant procedures, and manage its employees to handle personal information responsibly.
  3. When working with partner companies, The Company shall execute a non-disclosure agreement, and practice necessary precautions.
(5) Discontinuation or Correction Requests by the Customer
  1. If a customer requests release of the registered details of the customer’s own personal information, The Company shall swiftly release such details. If there is a reason why the details cannot be released, The Company shall provide satisfactory explanation.
  2. The Company shall swiftly respond to requests to discontinue use of personal information or similar requests, unless the ordinance of law or regulation makes such response impossible.
  3. The Company asks for all customers to understand that, when processing discontinuation or correction of personal information, a prescribed handling fee may be required in accordance with terms separately stipulated by The Company.
(6) For inquiries, please contact:
Pirika Rera Hotel
Telephone: +81-144-85-4001 open 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, except year-end and new year holidays
(In case our staff are unavailable at the time of your call, please leave a message and we will return your call.)