Cancellation Policy

Pirika Rera Hotel Cancellation Policy (March 1st 2012)

Cancellation fees shall be billed as follows, depending on factors such as time of cancellation and number of people.

Date of Notification of Contract Cancelation  (number of days prior to accommodation) No showAccommodation day1 Day Prior 2 Day Prior 3 Day Prior 5 Day Prior 6 Day Prior 7 Day Prior 8 Day Prior 14 Day Prior 15 Day Prior 30 Day Prior
Contracted Number of Persons: Up to 16 100% 100%20%20%20%       
In Case of Contract for Reserving the Entire Hotel 100%100%50%50%50%50%50%50%25%25%25%10%
  1. Cancelation Charges are indicated as a percentage of the Basic Accommodation Charges.
  2. When the number of days contracted is shortened, Cancelation Charges for the first day shall be paid by the Guest, regardless of the number of days shortened.